Quality, Craftmanship, and the Right Equipment

Although everyone agrees that the result is what counts, we are proud of our equipment as well!

We us the best blend of traditional and digital equipment to provide you with the best result for your project. If you would like to visit and take a tour of our shop, just give us a call and we will set a time that’s best for you.

Komori - NL528L - 20˝ x 28˝
Komori - NL528L - 20˝ x 28˝5 Color Press with Aqueous Coater
A top name in conventional printing presses – Prints full color sheets at speeds up to 15,000 sheets per hour with optional gloss or satin coating
AB Dick 2 Color 13” x 18” Printing Press
AB Dick 2 Color 13” x 18” Printing Press
Quickly and easily produces 1 and 2 color stationary, forms, cards or envelopes at up to 9,000 sheets per hour
Konica Minolta C-1065 Digital Press
Konica Minolta C-1065 Digital Press13” x 19” Max.
Prints high resolution color prints at up to 65 pages per minute
Konica Minolta BizHub Pro 950
Konica Minolta BizHub Pro 950B/W Digital Press
Capable of speeds up to 95 pages per minute.
Pivano 50”
Pivano 50”Fully Programmable Cutter
One of the largest and best paper cutters in the area
Duplo 5000
Duplo 5000 20 Bin Booklet Maker
Capable of producing 80 page saddle stitched booklets finished sizes from 9”x12” to CD booklets (4.75”x4.75”)
Tec Lighting TRUVF 21
Tec Lighting TRUVF 21UV Flood Coater with Feeder
Brand new in 2018 – High gloss coating overall or a pattern coating overall – Speeds up to 3,000 sheets per hour
MBO B-20
MBO B-20 Continuous Feed Paper Folder with 8 Page Attachment and MBO B-20 Pile Feed Folder
Sheet sizes up to 20”x26” and speeds up to 20,000 sheets per hour
Challange MS-5
Challange MS-5 Paper Drill
Drill up to 250 sheets at a time with up to 5 drilling heads
Dynaseal 16” x 20”
Dynaseal 16” x 20” Semi-auto Shrink Wrapper
Keeps all your jobs clean and neat in the package
Duplo DC-616
Duplo DC-616 Slitter, Cutter, Creaser
Quickly finishes the digital jobs more accurately
Recycle Bins
Recycle Bins We recycle 90% of all our shop waste. Anything that is recyclable gets recycled

Pre Press items not pictured: Mac and PC work stations – Adobe Creative Suite Software, Quark Xpress Software, Microsoft Office Software – Epson 9900 44” Ink jet proofer & sign maker – Screen PlateRite 4100 Computer to Plate Platemaker – Agfa ApogeeX Workflow System